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Why Choose Paladin Computers?

We have been in business since 1993. We are small but very experienced. Our staff has decades of experience programming and administering servers. We react quickly to problems and requests from our clients.
  • We do not require a contract. You are free to leave at any time. We believe our services will speak for themself.
  • We do not outsource our support. We provide support with our own very experienced staff. We do not have different levels of support. Everyone is highly experienced and can solve your problems quickly.
  • We provide flexible server configurations Since we specialize in ColdFusion development, we have many commercial ColdFusion tags and software installed on our servers that you can use. See our list of software installed on our ColdFusion servers
  • Our email software and servers are absolutely the best we have ever seen. We have dedicated email engineers constantly working on our email system. The only way to appreciate how good it is is to try it. We've had many compliments on the excellent webmail interface we have and the outstanding virus and spam filtering we provide.
  • We have access to a large amount of bandwidth at excellent prices. We pass these savings on to you with exceptional bandwidth overage pricing. Many firms charge $4-$5/GB of excess bandwidth. We charge $1.50/GB over your plan limit.
  • We have many years of ColdFusion Experience Our senior ColdFusion developer is published in the ColdFusion Developer's Journal, is an experienced Fusebox programmer and is a certified Advanced ColdFusion Developer. Let us help you build and maintain your website.
Paladin Computers