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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How many POP3 accounts can I have in one account?
A) All web-hosting accounts have 5 POP3 accounts with 1GB of storage for each email address. Additional storage limits and additional POP3 accounts are available.

Q) How many ODBC connections can I have in one account?
A) 5 for Intermediate ColdFusion Web Hosting accounts and 10 for Power and Advanced ColdFusion Web Hosting accounts.

Q) Why do you only have 5 POP3 accounts?
A) Our email is a Tier-1 solution with the best webmail we've ever seen.

Q) How many FTP accounts can I have in one account?
A) 1 is standard. We can add more if you ask for it.

Q) Do you use SSL over FTP?
A) Yes. We do not allow unencrypted FTP logins. FTP is inherently insecure so we want to keep everyone safe. Make sure your FTP client supports SSL. If it doesn't, try FileZilla, an open source FTP client that does support SSL over FTP. See

Q) Do you offer ColdFusion hosting?
A) Yes. We specialize in Coldfusion hosting. We have nine years of experience working with Coldfusion. Our servers have ColdFusion MX 7 Enterprise installed.

Q) What is your connection to the Internet?
A) Multiple fiber paths with over 10 Gbps (10,000 MBPS) useable bandwidth

Q) How do I transfer a .com, .net, or .org domain to your services?
A) Modify your existing domain registration with this DNS Server information:
   Primary DNS Server Name:
   Secondary DNS Server Name:
   Third DNS Server Name:

Q) Can I get a dialup account with you?
A) No, we specialize in web and email hosting. You will need to get dialup access through your local ISP.

Q) Can I have my own DNS like
A) We can setup dns.yourname and for $200 per year.

Q) What is the minimum contract length?
A) There is no contract. You pay for your services in advance and cancel whenever you want to.

Q) Do you offer MS-SQL support?
A) Yes. We use Microsoft SQL server 2000 Enterprise

Q) Do you offer telephone technical support?
A) Yes. Our phone number is 210-200-8855 but email is the preferred method of contacting us. Hour telephone hours are 8:30AM to 4:30PM EST.

Q) Do you support Java Servlets?
A) No but we may in the future

Q) Can I send bulk, targeted email using your servers?
A) No. We consider bulk email of any kind to be spam. We do not tolerate spam. Our email servers all required SMTP Authentication to stop spammers from using our email server.

Q) How many emails can I send per hour?
A) 250 from each email account.

Q) Can I order unlimited storage space?
A) No, but you can order additional space if you need it.

Q) Can I order unlimited bandwidth?
A) No, but we offer additional bandwidth at a VERY reasonable $1.25 per 1 GB per month. Compare to other hosting companies that charge $4 or $5 per GB.

Q) How many IP addresses do I get?
A) We do not give you an IP. To keep costs down we use Host Headers and share IP addresses. You may purchase a dedicated IP address for an additional $2.50 per month. This is normally required for an SSL certificate.

Q) Do I get telnet access?
A) No, but since these are Windows servers, there is no reason you will need telnet access.

Q) Can my POP accounts be [email protected]?
A) Yes. Web hosting accounts come with five POP3 accounts with 25MB of storage within your domain name. Additional accounts and additional storage are available for a reasonable fee.

Q) Can I forward email to an external email address?
A) Yes. Each alias can be directed to a maximum of 50 email addresses, four of which can be to email addresses outside of your domain.

Q) Can I forward all of the email from my domain to one email account?
A) Yes. You can create a 'catch-all' address. That is the account that "catches" all email not addressed to a valid user in your email domain. All of this email will be forwarded automatically to the address or addresses you choose. The catchall account can be in your domain to an external domain.
This is not recommended due to spam.

Q) Do I get the ability to set a subdirectory as password protected, and then maintain the list of user id's and passwords?
A) Yes. Contact support for help.

Q) Can I set this up so and both map to the same place?
A) Yes. By default, and map to the same place.

Q) Can I set it up so that would map to a different subdirectory?
A) You can map and to other subdirectories within your account. Contact support to request this.

Q) Do you support ASP?
A) Our servers support IIS but not ASP.NET. We specialize in Macromedia ColdFusion hosting.

Q) Can I change my default page from index.html to default.asp?
A) The default page is actually index.*, so you could use index.htm, index.php or index.cfm instead of index.html if you wanted to.

Q) Do you support VBScript on your servers?
A) Not at this time. We may in the future.

Q) How can I change my email account passwords?
A) and login with your email domain admin account. You'll have administrative choices after you login.

Q) Do you offer Unix hosting?
A) Not right now. We currently focus on Windows NT hosting. We may expand our services to include Unix based hosting in the future, though.

Q) Do you offer PHP hosting?
A) Not right now. We specialize in ColdFusion hosting.

Q) I want to set up my Paladin Computers account using a brand-new domain name... who should I register with first, Paladin Computers or a domain name registrar??
A) It does not matter. However, it is generally a good idea to register the domain at a registrar as quickly as you can if you find a domain name that you would like to use that is currently available. That way you know you will own the domain name and will be able to use it. We can take care of this for you for $9.99/year per domain name.

Q) Can I register my domain myself and save money?
A) Sure. Our prices include the DNS setup too but if you'd like to do it yourself, make sure you point your DNS servers to (, ( and (

Q) How long does it typically take for a site to 'go live' after I register the domain with a registrar and set up the domain at Paladin Computers?
A) Provisioning normally takes less than 24 hours. Most domain name registrars get new domains ready in 24-48 hours.

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