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About Us

Paladin Computers started in 1993 as a small computer business selling systems and accessories. We put many systems together those first few years. As the Internet became popular in the mid 90's, we began to experiment with different web technologies to have databases communicate to web pages. We discovered Allaire's Coldfusion 1.5 in mid 1996 and never looked back. Coldfusion continues to be a leading Rapid Application Development application server and we are proud to have focused our energy into Coldfusion for the past 10 years.

As we were building web applications, we realized we needed our own servers and purchased several to service our websites and our customer's websites. Over time, we've expanded to include non-programming customers but we still strive to keep the same intimate level of support with each client. Since we don't have thousands of clients, we can provide high levels of support to our clients. If you are having problems with a contact form script, we can fix it in minutes most likely. We aren't just hosting a website, we are hosting a long-term partner's business and we want both of us to succeed.

Paladin Computers